Thursday, October 2, 2008

Different People Different Views

An Indian politician went to the US and as per the protocol paid a visit to the local Senator.

Naturally, the Senator invited him home for dinner. The Indian minister was taken aback by the lavish mansion, and the extravagant furnishings. Finally, he could stand it no more and asked the Senator how he could manage this on a Senator's salary?"

The Senator smiled to himself and then took him to the window and pointed to the nearby river and asked him whether he could see the river, to which the Indian minister acknowledged with a yes. The Senator, then pointed to the bridge over the river and asked whether the minister could see that as well. Once again the minister acknowledged.

10 percent, said the Senator smugly.

Time passed and it was the Senators turn to pay the Indian Minister a return visit.

Obviously, the Minister threw a lavish party and saw to that the Senator received the utmost hospitality.

When they arrived at his house, the American Senator was stunned by the huge palace the minister had built, glittering with precious art, hundreds of servants and the works

How can you possibly afford this asked the Senator

The minister called him to the window. "See the river over there?"

"Sure", said the Senator.

"Can you see the bridge over it?"

The Senator looked, was confused, peered closely and said -

"No, I don't see any bridge."

"100 percent", said the minister!!

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