Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Obama Song

Since he appears to be the Messianic [hope there is such a word] candidate of 2008, Barack Hussein Obama deserves his own song. Hope this stolen one suffices

I am Barack Obama,
A man of mystery.
I want to be your President;
You can rely on me.

I promise to raise taxes,
But only on the rich.
Don’t worry that I’ll change my mind;
It’s not a bait and switch! (wink)

I’ll make the war in Iraq be over.
The terrorists will win.
That’s nothing for you to fret about;
I know Osama is our friend.

I’m going to fix our economy,
Even though it isn’t broke (wink)
Relax; the Government can do it all.
Capitalism is just a joke.

I’m a clean well spoken black man,
With nothing much to say.
Ain’t it grand that the liberal press
Don’t get in my way?

I’ll be a fabulous leader.
I’m handsome and quite tall.
While I have no talent for decisions,
The UN can make them all.

So blindly buy my speeches,
Fall under my spell.
Let me run the Country,
And I’ll lead us straight to Hell!

With due apologies to OB ....... hope he takes it in the right sense and he should at least make a diversion to paradise.....

With best wishes....